College and Career Readiness

ICA is fortunate to have a Flex Period when students can access College and Career Readiness activities and resources. These activities and meetings are designed to help students identify educational and career goals and plan for high school and college. The Flex course is viewable to all parents with a Canvas Parent login. 7th grade students also take the College and Career Awareness course that delves into different pathways to colleges and careers. Each year, students and parents have the opportunity to participate in a group and/or individual Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR) meeting. These meetings are a great time to discuss high school graduation credits, college prep exams, financial aid and other post high school choices.

Schedule your PCCR (Must have a Gmail to schedule)

PCCR Parent Toolkit

7th Grade – Group PCCR – Thursday November 12th @ 6-7pm

8th Grade – Individual PCCR – During November Link

9th Grade – Group PCCR – Thursday October 8th @ 6-7pm

10th Grade – Individual PCCR – During October Link

11th Grade – Group PCCR – Thursday September 24th @ 6-7pm

12th Grade – Individual PCCR – During September Link

Each time you meet with a counselor, please complete this form:



7th Grade

  • Establish good study habits.
  • Explore your interests
  • Start to talk about college
  • Get familiar with college costs and how to save money
  • Participate in FLEX activities
  • Participate in CCA Class

8th Grade

  • Continue to establish good study habits
  • Continue to explore interests and careers attached to them
  • Plan for High School
  • Start saving for college
  • Participate in FLEX activities

9th Grade

  • Start saving best high school work in a portfolio
  • Get organized
  • Get involved in after school activities
  • Explore interests and possible careers
  • Keep your grades up
  • Ask questions
  • Research scholarships & other ways to pay for school
  • Get a planner to keep track of assignments
    • Turn every assignment in!
  • Participate in FLEX activities

10th Grade

  • Sophomores planning on attending Early College should plan to take the ACT in December at the latest
  • Spend time studying for the ACT
  • Stay involved
  • Start applying for scholarships
  • Consider taking the Btech summer course
  • Take AP classes for college credit
  • Continue to be organized
  • Get involved with after school clubs
  • Participate in FLEX activities
  • Explore college options

11th Grade

  • Take new classes
  • Practice for the ACT & Take the ACT
  • Participate in the Early College Program or BTECH
  • Plan other college entrance exams you may need
  • Become familiar with college requirements
  • Explore summer college programs or part time jobs
  • Improve your GPA
  • Take college campus tours
  • Participate in FLEX activities

12th Grade

  • Stay Organized & Finish Strong
  • Review graduation credit
  • Take Math
  • Take College entrance exams (ACT & SAT) again early in the year
  • Apply for college in the FAll
  • Check deadlines of the college you will be attending
  • College Applications – Utah College Application Week (UCAW)
  • FAFSA Night
  • Participate in the Early College Program or BTECH
  • Participate in FLEX activities for the first part of the year